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Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions - All About Roof Cleaning And Pressure Washing

If you’ve never hired a professional pressure washing service for roof cleaning, house washing, concrete cleaning, or gutter cleaning, we’re sure you have several questions. Feel free to contact Carolina Clean Roof with any questions you may have. We always look forward to your call, text, or email, and are willing to answer any questions you have to ensure you completely understand all of our pressure washing services. In the meantime, please see some of our most frequently asked questions below.

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The technical name for the black streaks on your roof is gloeocapsa magma, also known as blue-green algae. These bacteria land on asphalt shingle roofs and begin feeding on the limestone in the shingles. Years ago, asphalt shingle manufacturers began adding limestone to shingles to increase their weight. This limestone is a perfect food source for blue-green algae. Combine this food source with a warm, humid, shady environment, and these are the perfect conditions for blue-green algae. Over time, the algae will expand and grow into what you see as the black stains on your roof.

The black stains on your roof can be removed safely and effectively using the correct combination of biocides and surfactants. The only process approved for removing these stains is a low-pressure soft wash process. With a low-pressure soft wash process, the solution is applied to the roof where the algae is completely eradicated. This is the only process approved by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association) for cleaning a roof. Any other method used will void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Pressure washing your roof is not an approved process for cleaning a roof. Pressure washing will remove granules from the asphalt shingles significantly reducing the function of the roof, voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

The solution used to clean your roof can harm your landscape if the proper precautions are not taken. Evergreen shrubs and most landscape bushes and trees are very hardy, however, delicate flowers and certain trees and bushes (specifically Japanese Maples) are very sensitive. Care must be taken to ensure the roof cleaning solution is not applied to the types of plants. Carolina Clean Roof ensures two technicians are on every roof cleaning job. While one technician is cleaning the roof another is watering all landscape around the home. In addition, we bag and collect runoff from gutters and downspouts, and/or, dilute to a percentage less than pool water. These precautions are very important in ensuring your landscape is completely protected during the process.

Pressure washing is the use of high-pressured (up to 3500-4000psi) water to clean a home. As you can imagine, this amount of pressure on a home’s siding can cause significant damage. In addition, using pressure to clean a home’s exterior only removes the top (visible) layer of dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and algae. Using high pressure to clean does not completely eradicate the surface of mold, mildew, and algae. Within weeks this organic growth is visible again. This is why low pressure washing or soft washing is the industry standard among exterior cleaning professionals. Soft washing is the use of specific biocides and surfactants to completely eradicate (kill) all organic growth (mold, mildew, algae) from a home’s exterior. Carolina Clean Roof uses a soft wash process for all exterior siding, gutters, soffits, facia, and trim. With the use of specialized soaps and high volume, low pressure equipment, we are able to clean exterior surfaces more efficiently and effectively than using a pressure washer alone. Soft washing is by far the best process for ensuring long lasting results, and no risk of damage to a home’s exterior.

When using high pressure water to clean a concrete surface, only the top layer of dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and algae are removed. The results appear acceptable initially, however, within a few weeks “wand lines” will start to appear. These lines are actually the original mold that was not fully eradicated from the surface. Mold, mildew, and algae are living organisms and must be treated with the proper solution of biocides and surfactant to fully eradicate the problem. Carolina Clean Roof treats all concrete surfaces with this solution to ensure complete eradication of the problem, addressing the true root cause of a moldy, mildewed, driveway and walkway, for long lasting results.

Carolina Clean Roof does offer multi-service discounts. A significant portion of the time spent at a job site is setup. By combining services into a single trip Carolina Clean Roof is able to pass these savings to the customer. Our typical multi service discount for combining any of our services (Roof Cleaning, House Washing, Pressure Washing, and Gutter Cleaning) is 15%.

Carolina Clean Roof is proud to offer senior, military, first responder, and non-profit discounts. In addition, if you or someone you know is in need of our services, however, due to various circumstances cannot afford, please reach out to us with details. We are glad to offer significant discounts or payment plans based on the circumstance.

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